Democratizing the cloud

12 years 8 months ago
Democratizing the cloud
Programming distributed data-intensive web and mobile applications is gratuitously hard. As the world is moving more and more towards the software as services model, we have to come up with practical solutions to build distributed systems that are approachable for normal programmers. Just like Visual Basic democratized programming Windows by removing much of the boilerplate, such as message pumps and window handles, that contributed more to the problem than to the solution, we propose a toolkit of language extensions, APIs, and tools that do the same for web programming. As a result, ordinary programmers can concentrate on the essential aspects of building distributed and mobile applications such as partitioning and flowing code and data across tiers, deployment, security, etc. without getting bogged down in low level details. Categories and Subject Descriptors
Erik Meijer
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Year 2007
Authors Erik Meijer
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