Dependency Pairs for Rewriting with Non-free Constructors

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Dependency Pairs for Rewriting with Non-free Constructors
Abstract. A method based on dependency pairs for showing termination of functional programs on data structures generated by constructors with relations is proposed. A functional program is specified as an equational rewrite system, where the rewrite system specifies the program and the equations express the relations on the constructors that generate the data structures. Unlike previous approaches, relations on constructors can be collapsing, including idempotency and identity relations. Relations among constructors may be partitioned into two parts: (i) equations that cannot be oriented into terminating rewrite rules, and (ii) equations that can be oriented as terminating rewrite rules, in which case an equivalent convergent system for them is generated. The dependency pair method is extended to normalized rewriting, where constructor-terms in the redex are normalized first. The method has been applied to several examples, including the Calculus of Communicating Systems and the Propos...
Stephan Falke, Deepak Kapur
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CADE
Authors Stephan Falke, Deepak Kapur
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