Derby/S: a DBMS for sample-based query answering

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Derby/S: a DBMS for sample-based query answering
Although approximate query processing is a prominent way to cope with the requirements of data analysis applications, current database systems do not provide integrated and comprehensive support for these techniques. To improve this situation, we propose an SQL extension—called SQL/S—for approximate query answering using random samples, and present a prototypical implementation within the engine of the open-source database system Derby— called Derby/S. Our approach significantly reduces the required expert knowledge by enabling the definition of samples in a declarative way; the choice of the specific sampling scheme and its parametrization is left to the system. SQL/S introduces new DDL commands to easily define and administrate random samples subject to a given set of optimization criteria. Derby/S automatically takes care of sample maintenance if the underlying dataset changes. Finally, samples are transparently used during query processing, and error bounds are provided....
Anja Klein, Rainer Gemulla, Philipp Rösch, Wo
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Anja Klein, Rainer Gemulla, Philipp Rösch, Wolfgang Lehner
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