Description Logics in Ontology Applications

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Description Logics in Ontology Applications
Abstract. Description Logics (DLs) are a family of logic based knowledge representation formalisms. Although they have a range of applications (e.g., configuration and information integration), they are perhaps best known as the basis for widely used ontology languages such as OWL (now a W3C recommendation). This decision was motivated by a requirement that key inference problems be decidable, and that it should be possible to provide reasoning services to support ontology design and deployment. Such reasoning services are typically provided by highly optimised implementations of tableaux decision procedures; these have proved to be effective in applications in spite of the high worst case complexity of key inference problems. The increasing use of DL based ontologies in areas such as e-Science and the Semantic Web is, however, already stretching the capabilities of existing DL systems, and brings with it a range of research challenges.
Ian Horrocks
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Year 2005
Authors Ian Horrocks
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