Descriptor Learning for Efficient Retrieval

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Descriptor Learning for Efficient Retrieval
Many visual search and matching systems represent images using sparse sets of "visual words": descriptors that have been quantized by assignment to the best-matching symbol in a discrete vocabulary. Errors in this quantization procedure propagate throughout the rest of the system, either harming performance or requiring correction using additional storage or processing. This paper aims to reduce these quantization errors at source, by learning a projection from descriptor space to a new Euclidean space in which standard clustering techniques are more likely to assign matching descriptors to the same cluster, and non-matching descriptors to different clusters. To achieve this, we learn a non-linear transformation model by minimizing a novel margin-based cost function, which aims to separate matching descriptors from two classes of non-matching descriptors. Training data is generated automatically by leveraging geometric consistency. Scalable, stochastic gradient methods are us...
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Year 2010
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