Design of the EROS Trusted Window System

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Design of the EROS Trusted Window System
Window systems are the primary mediator of user input and output in modern computing systems. They are also a commonly used interprocess communication mechanism. As a result, they play a key role in the enforcement of security policies and the protection of sensitive information. A user typing a password or passphrase must be assured that it is disclosed exclusively to the intended program. In highly secure systems, global policies concerning information flow restrictions must be honored. Most window systems today, including X11 and Microsoft Windows, have carried forward the presumptive trust assumptions of the Xerox Alto from which they were conceptually derived. These assumptions are inappropriate for modern computing environments. In this paper, we present the design of a new trusted window system for the EROS capability-based operating system. The EROS Window System (EWS) provides robust traceability of user volition and is capable (with extension) of enforcing mandatory access c...
Jonathan S. Shapiro, John Vanderburgh, Eric Northu
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where USS
Authors Jonathan S. Shapiro, John Vanderburgh, Eric Northup, David Chizmadia
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