Design of low complexity digital FIR filters

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Design of low complexity digital FIR filters
The multiplication of a variable by multiple constants, i.e., the multiple constant multiplications (MCM), has been a central operation and performance bottleneck in many applications, such as finite impulse response (FIR) filters and linear transforms. Although low-complexity high-performance multiplier architectures have been proposed for the constant multiplications, the area and delay optimization of the MCM operation has often been accomplished by synthesizing the constant multiplications using only addition/subtraction and shifting operations in the shift-adds architecture. To obtain further reductions in area, delay, and power consumption in the shift-adds design of the MCM operation, efficient highlevel algorithms have also been proposed. In this paper, we introduce a computer-aided design tool for the synthesis of low-complexity digital FIR filters that includes both high and low level synthesis phases. In the high-level synthesis phase, the MCM operation is optimized in t...
Levent Aksoy, Diego Jaccottet, Eduardo Costa
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Levent Aksoy, Diego Jaccottet, Eduardo Costa
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