Design Methodology Management Using Graph Grammars

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Design Methodology Management Using Graph Grammars
In this paper, we present a design methodology management system, which assists designers in selecting a suitable design process and invoking the selected sequence of tools on the correct versions of design data. We introduce a formal graph representation of design methodologies in which nodes represent either tasks or design data. Using a graph nodes representing abstract tasks are replaced by graphs of less abstract tasks and intermediatespeci cations. Graph grammars enable us to concisely and exibly describe a large class of methodologies. Often there are several alternative methodologies or tools available for some subtasks, leading to dierent results. Our system utilizes automated control agents, in combination with user interaction, to select among methodologies and invoke tools. Multiple alternatives can easily be explored simultaneously.
Reid A. Baldwin, Moon-Jung Chung
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where DAC
Authors Reid A. Baldwin, Moon-Jung Chung
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