Design patterns for games

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Design patterns for games
Designing a two-person game involves identifying the game model to compute the best moves, the user interface (the "view") to play the game, and the controller to coordinate the model and the view. A crucial task is to t the algorithms used in their highest abstract forms. This can prove to be a difficult and subtle endeavor. It is made easier however by the use of good objectoriented (OO) design principles to help maintain a high stract viewpoint during the design process. The state pattern is used to represent the game board and is coupled with the visitor pattern to provide state-dependent, variant behaviors. The min -max algorithm and its variants are implemented as the strategy pattern, which allows flexible and extensible computational capability. Careful is performed to properly abstract the interactions between the model and the view. The command design pattern is used to provide callback services between the model and the view. Leading students through this design p...
Dung Zung Nguyen, Stephen B. Wong
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Dung Zung Nguyen, Stephen B. Wong
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