Design rationale: Researching under uncertainty

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Design rationale: Researching under uncertainty
Rationale research in software development is a challenging area because while there is no shortage of advocates for its value, there is also no shortage of reasons for why rationale is unlikely to be captured in practice. Despite more than thirty years of research there still remains much uncertainty--how useful are the potential benefits and how insurmountable are the barriers? Will the value of the rationale (design and otherwise) justify the cost of collecting it? While there have been numerous rationale research projects, many, if not most, received little or no empirical evaluation. There also have not been many studies examining what the needs are of the practitioners who would be supported by the rationale. This paper discusses the "doom and gloom" predictions of rationale's failure, provides a survey of evaluations of rationale systems, and discusses what we hope is a brighter outlook for rationale research in the future. There are development standards and syne...
Janet E. Burge
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Year 2008
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