Designing and Building a Software Test Organization

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Designing and Building a Software Test Organization
–Abstract for conference - preliminary Model-Based Testing: Models for Test Cases Jan Tretmans, Embedded Systems Institute, Eindhoven : Systematic testing of software plays an important role in the quest for improved software quality. Testing, however, turns out to be an error-prone, expensive, and time-consuming process. Modelbased testing is one of the promising technologies to meet the challenges imposed on software testing. In model-based testing a system under test (SUT) is tested against a formal description, or model, of the SUT's desired behaviour. First, such a model can be used for analysis and checking of the design. Second, the model serves as a precise and complete description of what the SUT should do, and, consequently, is a good basis for testing. Third, a model can be processed by tools, in particular by a test generation tool, so that large quantities of test cases can be automatically generated. This allows effective test automation beyond the automatic execut...
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