Designing a compelling user interface for morphing

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Designing a compelling user interface for morphing
We present a new user interface for the common morphing tool found in animation packages. Previously this interface has been based on the features of the underlying algorithm, with little regard to how artists actually use this feature. By careful design and analysis of a user study, we were able to design a novel user interface that greatly enhances the usability of the morphing tool for animation. Our improvements come in three areas: First, we replicate the artists' own ad-hoc annotation language and interaction techniques in the user interface. Second, we make the user experience more fluid and editable, to support exploration and iteration. Finally, we use the artists' morph expectations to redesign the morph algorithm itself to be more predictable. We conclude by discussing how our user study technique could help other interface design tasks. Categories & Subject Descriptors: H.5.2. User-centered design , H.5.2. Prototyping, I.3.4. Graphics Utilities General Terms:...
David Vronay, Shuo Wang
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors David Vronay, Shuo Wang
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