Detail-on-demand hypervideo

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Detail-on-demand hypervideo
We demonstrate the use of detail-on-demand hypervideo in interactive training and video summarization. Detail-on-demand video allows viewers to watch short video segments and to follow hyperlinks to see additional detail. The player for detail-ondemand video displays keyframes indicating what links are available at each point in the video. The Hyper-Hitchcock authoring tool helps users create hypervideo by automatically dividing video into clips that can be combined in a direct manipulation interface. Clips can be grouped into composites and hyperlinks can be placed between clips and composites. A summarization algorithm creates multi-level hypervideo summaries from linear video by automatically selecting clips and placing links between them. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.5.1 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: Multimedia Information Systems – video. H.5.4 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: Hypertext/Hypermedia – navigation, user issues. General Terms Algorit...
John Doherty, Andreas Girgensohn, Jonathan Helfman
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Updated 05 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where MM
Authors John Doherty, Andreas Girgensohn, Jonathan Helfman, Frank M. Shipman III, Lynn Wilcox
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