Detecting h-index manipulation through self-citation analysis

9 years 23 days ago
Detecting h-index manipulation through self-citation analysis
The h-index has received an enormous attention for being an indicator that measures the quality of researchers and organizations. We investigate to what degree authors can inflate their h-index through strategic self-citations with the help of a simulation. We extended Burrell’s publication model with a procedure for placing self-citations, following three different strategies: random self-citation, recent self-citations and h-manipulating self-citations. The results show that authors can considerably inflate their h-index through self-citations. We propose the q-index as an indicator for how strategically an author has placed self-citations, and which serves as a tool to detect possible manipulation of the h-index. The results also show that the best strategy for an high h-index is publishing papers that are highly cited by others. The productivity has also a positive effect on the h-index. Keywords h-Index Á Self-citation Á Manipulation Á q-Index Á Simulation
Christoph Bartneck, Servaas Kokkelmans
Added 17 May 2011
Updated 17 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Christoph Bartneck, Servaas Kokkelmans
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