Detecting Regular Patterns Using Frequency Domain Self-Filtering

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Detecting Regular Patterns Using Frequency Domain Self-Filtering
Donald G. Bailey Physics Department, Massey University Palmerston North, New Zealand D.G.Bailey Filtering is often used in image processing to smooth noise, and to enhance or detectfeatures within an image. Images which have regular patterns in the spatial domain have peaks in thefrequency domain corresponding to the spatial frequencies of the regular patterns. When processing such images, it is often desirable to keep such peaks, enhancing the pattern and removing noise or irregularities. This is effectively a bandpass filtering operation. The problem with such filtering is that it requires a priori knowledge of the contents of the image so that the filter can be 'tuned' to select the appropriate frequencies. Self-filtering overcomes this by multiplying thefrequency domain image with its own magnitude. This gives a bandpassfilter that is automatically tuned to the frequency content of the image. Applications include: detecting and enhancing regular patterns; i...
D. G. Bailey
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Type Conference
Year 1997
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Authors D. G. Bailey
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