Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet

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Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet
Steganography is used to hide the occurrence of communication. Recent suggestions in US newspapers indicate that terrorists use steganography to communicate in secret with their accomplices. In particular, images on the Internet were mentioned as the communication medium. While the newspaper articles sounded very dire, none substantiated these rumors. To determine whether there is steganographic content on the Internet, this paper presents a detection framework that includes tools to retrieve images from the world wide web and automatically detect whether they might contain steganographic content. To ascertain that hidden messages exist in images, the detection framework includes a distributed computing framework for launching dictionary attacks hosted on a cluster of loosely coupled workstations. We have analyzed two million images downloaded from eBay auctions but have not been able to find a single hidden message. August 31, 2001 Center for Information Technology Integration Unive...
Niels Provos, Peter Honeyman
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where NDSS
Authors Niels Provos, Peter Honeyman
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