Is a detector only good for detection?

11 years 7 months ago
Is a detector only good for detection?
A common design of an object recognition system has two steps, a detection step followed by a foreground withinclass classification step. For example, consider face detection by a boosted cascade of detectors followed by face ID recognition via one-vs-all (OVA) classifiers. Another example is human detection followed by pose recognition. Although the detection step can be quite fast, the foreground within-class classification process can be slow and becomes a bottleneck. In this work, we formulate a filter-and-refine scheme, where the binary outputs of the weak classifiers in a boosted detector are used to identify a small number of candidate foreground state hypotheses quickly via Hamming distance or weighted Hamming distance. The approach is evaluated in three applications: face recognition on the FRGC V2 data set, hand shape detection and parameter estimation on a hand data set and vehicle detection and view angle estimation on a multi-view vehicle data set. On all ...
Quan Yuan and Stan Sclaroff
Added 13 Jul 2009
Updated 10 Jan 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICCV
Authors Quan Yuan and Stan Sclaroff
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