Deterministic Left to Right Parsing of Tree Adjoining Languages

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Deterministic Left to Right Parsing of Tree Adjoining Languages
We define a set of deterministic bottom-up left to right parsers which analyze a subset of Tree Adjoining Languages. The LR parsing strategy for Context Free Grammars is extended to Tree Adjoining Grammars (TAGs). We use a machine, called Bottom-up Embedtied Push Down Automaton (BEPDA), that recognizes in a bottom-up fashion the set of Tree Adjoining Languages (and exactly this se0. Each parser consists of a finite state control that drives the moves of a Bottom-up Embedded Pushdown Automaton. The parsers handle deterministically some context-sensitive Tree Adjoining Languages. In this paper, we informallydescribe the BEPDA then given a parsing table, we explain the LR parsing algorithm. We then show how to construct an LR(0) parsing table (no lookahead). An example of a context-sensitive language recognized deterministically is given. Then, we explain informally the construction of SLR(1) parsing tables for BEPDA. We conclude with a discussion of our parsing method and current work.
Yves Schabes, K. Vijay-Shanker
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Type Conference
Year 1990
Where ACL
Authors Yves Schabes, K. Vijay-Shanker
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