Developing a non-intrusive biometric environment

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Developing a non-intrusive biometric environment
— The development of large scale biometric systems requires experiments to be performed on large amounts of data. Existing capture systems are designed for fixed experiments and are not easily scalable. In this scenario even the addition of extra data is difficult. We developed a prototype biometric tunnel for the capture of non-contact biometrics. It is self contained and autonomous. Such a configuration is ideal for building access or deployment in secure environments. The tunnel captures cropped images of the subject’s face and performs a 3D reconstruction of the person’s motion which is used to extract gait information. Interaction between the various parts of the system is performed via the use of an agent framework. The design of this system is a trade-off between parallel and serial processing due to various hardware bottlenecks. When tested on a small population the extracted features have been shown to be potent for recognition. We currently achieve a moderate through...
Lee Middleton, David K. Wagg, Alex I. Bazin, John
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IROS
Authors Lee Middleton, David K. Wagg, Alex I. Bazin, John N. Carter, Mark S. Nixon
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