The development features of the face recognition system

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The development features of the face recognition system
Nowadays personal identification is a very important issue. There is a wide range of applications in different spheres, such as video surveillance security systems, control of documents, forensics systems and etc. We consider a range of most significant aspects of face identification system based on support vector machines in this paper. At first we propose improved face detector to get the region of interest for next face recognition. In paper the technique of face detection jointly image normalization is introduced. We compare three algorithms of feature extraction in application on face identification (PCA NIPALS, NNPCA, kernel PCA). The presented system is intended for process the image with low quality, the photo with the different facial expressions. Our goal is to develop face recognition techniques and create the system for face identification.
Rauf Sadykhov, Igor Frolov
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Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Rauf Sadykhov, Igor Frolov
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