Digital Concept Maps for Managing Knowledge and Information

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Digital Concept Maps for Managing Knowledge and Information
Abstract. Due to the increasing amount and complexity of knowledge and information in many domains, students who self-regulate their study in e-learning scenarios often suffer from cognitive overload, as well as conceptual and navigational disorientation. Particularly, when studying in resource-based learning scenarios with complex and ill-structured subject-matter content, there is a need for both effective learning strategies and the management of knowledge and information. Advanced computer-based concept maps have the potential to foster spatial learning strategies by visualizing the knowledge and support processes of individual knowledge management, such as the acquisition, organization, representation, (self-)evaluation, communication, localization, and utilization of knowledge. In addition, they have the potential to represent and make accessible the conceptual and content knowledge of a domain, as well as information associated to it. The aim of this paper is the analysis of the...
Sigmar-Olaf Tergan
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Year 2005
Authors Sigmar-Olaf Tergan
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