Digital Image Forensics via Intrinsic Fingerprints

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Digital Image Forensics via Intrinsic Fingerprints
Digital imaging has experienced tremendous growth in recent decades, and digital camera images have been used in a growing number of applications. With such increasing popularity and the availability of low-cost image editing software, the integrity of digital image content can no longer be taken for granted. This paper introduces a new methodology for the forensic analysis of digital camera images. The proposed method is based on the observation that many processing operations, both inside and outside acquisition devices, leave distinct intrinsic traces on digital images, and these intrinsic fingerprints can be identified and employed to verify the integrity of digital data. The intrinsic fingerprints of the various in-camera processing operations can be estimated through a detailed imaging model and its component analysis. Further processing applied to the camera captured image is modelled as a manipulation filter, for which a blind deconvolution technique is applied to obtain a line...
Ashwin Swaminathan, Min Wu, K. J. Ray Liu
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TIFS
Authors Ashwin Swaminathan, Min Wu, K. J. Ray Liu
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