Digital Technology and the Skills Shortage

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Digital Technology and the Skills Shortage
ract in that they deal with sequences of sound or movement. Two social or personality skills can also be defined: Intrapersonal skill helps people perceive and control their own thoughts and feelings; interpersonal skill lets them perceive and affect what others are thinking and feeling—it relates to orality. That basic skills are best developed early is well recognized, but just how early is not well appreciated. The skills start developing in the womb, and manufacturers have claimed success for devices that reportedly accelerate such learning ( In any case, the newborn baby is neurally undeveloped and thus requires training in very early childhood to establish the neural circuitry that forms the basis for later learning by synaptic modification. For example, the newborn child can barely see. Its visual system, comprising the nerves themselves and their connections, develops by extending the connections that sharpen an image and sloughing the connections that blur...
W. Neville Holmes
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