Digitized Expert PICTures (DEPICT): An Intelligent Information Repository

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Digitized Expert PICTures (DEPICT): An Intelligent Information Repository
Implementing and maintaining complicated manufacturing processes in an error-free mode is essential to the survival of any manufacturing business. One essential element to realizing error-free manufacturing is saving learning and making it readily available to those who need it, on a system that is easy to develop and use. A knowledge based tool, DEPICT (Digitized Expert PICTures), has been developed to meet these needs. DEPICT is a menu-driven, Knowledge Based System designed such that a nonprogrammer may develop and maintain an application with very little training. DEPICT is best suited to applications where the user needs to identify an object, such as a processing defect, and can identify the object by some attributes, such as appearance and behavior under electrical test conditions. Attributes are weighted according to how strongly each one indicates the presence of a given object. DEPICT’s output consists of a ranked list of objects which are best indicated by the user-select...
George Gallant, Janet Thygesen
Added 02 Nov 2010
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Where IAAI
Authors George Gallant, Janet Thygesen
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