Disassembly Sequencing Using Tabu Search

4 years 9 months ago
Disassembly Sequencing Using Tabu Search
End-of-life disassembly has developed into a major research area within the sustainability paradigm, resulting in the emergence of several algorithms and structures proposing heuristics techniques such as Genetic Algorithm (GA), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Neural Networks (NN). The performance of the proposed methodologies heavily depends on the accuracy and the flexibility of the algorithms to accommodate several factors such as preserving the precedence relationships during disassembly while obtaining near-optimal and optimal solutions. This paper improves a previously proposed Genetic Algorithm model for disassembly sequencing by utilizing a faster metaheuristic algorithm, Tabu search, to obtain the optimal solution. The objectives of the proposed algorithm are to minimize (1) the traveled distance by the robotic arm, (2) the number of disassembly method changes, and (3) the number of robotic arm travels by combining the identical-material components together and hence elimina...
Mohammad Alshibli, Ahmed El Sayed, Elif Kongar, Ta
Added 06 Apr 2016
Updated 06 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Where JIRS
Authors Mohammad Alshibli, Ahmed El Sayed, Elif Kongar, Tarek M. Sobh, Surendra M. Gupta
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