DiSC: Benchmarking Secure Chip DBMS

10 years 6 months ago
DiSC: Benchmarking Secure Chip DBMS
Secure chips, e.g., present in smart cards, USB dongles, i-buttons, are now ubiquitous in applications with strong security requirements. Moreover, they require embedded data management techniques. However, secure chips have severe hardware constraints, which make traditional database techniques irrelevant. The main problem faced by secure chip DBMS designers is to be able to assess various design choices and trade-offs for different applications. Our solution is to use a benchmark for secure chip DBMS in order to 1) compare different database techniques, 2) predict the limits of on-chip applications, and 3) provide codesign hints. In this paper, we propose Data management in Secure Chip (DiSC), a benchmark that reaches these three objectives. This work benefits from our long experience in developing and tuning data management techniques for the smart card. To validate DiSC, we compare the behavior of candidate data management techniques using a cycle-accurate smart-card simulator. Fur...
Nicolas Anciaux, Luc Bouganim, Philippe Pucheral,
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TKDE
Authors Nicolas Anciaux, Luc Bouganim, Philippe Pucheral, Patrick Valduriez
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