Discourse Segmentation in Aid of Document Summarization

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Discourse Segmentation in Aid of Document Summarization
This paper describes work to enhance a sentencebased summarizer with notions of salience, dynamicallyadjustable summary size, discourse segmentation, and awareness of topic shifts. Our experiments study strategies to diversify the application of a baseline summarizer, by making it aware of finer-grained ‘aboutness’, capable of discerning changes of topic, and sensitive to longer-thanusual documents. Evaluated against the corpus used in the development of the baseline summarizer, summaries derived either by means of segmentation analysis alone, or by a mix of strategies for combining salience calculation and topic shift detection, are shown to be of comparable, and under certain conditions even better, quality. We describe the summarization and segmentation procedures, outline a number of strategies for mixing the two, evaluate the overall impact of discourse segmentation, and suggest an interface design capable of using the notion of topic shifts to contextualize a summary and fa...
Branimir Boguraev, Mary S. Neff
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Updated 31 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Branimir Boguraev, Mary S. Neff
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