Discovering Overlapping Groups in Social Media

11 years 11 months ago
Discovering Overlapping Groups in Social Media
Abstract--The increasing popularity of social media is shortening the distance between people. Social activities, e.g., tagging in Flickr, bookmarking in Delicious, twittering in Twitter, etc. are reshaping people's social life and redefining their social roles. People with shared interests tend to form their groups in social media, and users within the same community likely exhibit similar social behavior (e.g., going for the same movies, having similar political viewpoints), which in turn reinforces the community structure. The multiple interactions in social activities entail that the community structures are often overlapping, i.e., one person is involved in several communities. We propose a novel co-clustering framework, which takes advantage of networking information between users and tags in social media, to discover these overlapping communities. In our method, users are connected via tags and tags are connected to users. This explicit representation of users and tags is u...
Xufei Wang, Lei Tang, Huiji Gao, Huan Liu
Added 12 Feb 2011
Updated 12 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where ICDM
Authors Xufei Wang, Lei Tang, Huiji Gao, Huan Liu
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