Discovery of Patterns in Learner Actions

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Discovery of Patterns in Learner Actions
This paper describes an approach for analysis of computer-supported learning processes utilizing logfiles of learners’ actions. We provide help to researchers and teachers in finding insightful patterns of the learning process in two ways: patterns can be specified explicitly to be searched in logfiles or automatic extraction of patterns complying to configurable parameters can be initiated to find the most typical sequences within the logfile. Both support features have been implemented in a stand-alone tool that accepts generic logfiles usable with a potentially wide variety of different learning systems. In recent years the importance of additional functionality for active support of all people involved in CSCL learning, i.e. students, teachers, and researchers, has grown. Learning Protocols are readily available in most CSCL-systems simply by logging the activities that take place in the collaborative environment. Logfiles are used in various ways related to the goals of...
Andreas Harrer, Michael Vetter, Stefan Thür,
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Updated 26 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AIED
Authors Andreas Harrer, Michael Vetter, Stefan Thür, Jens Brauckmann
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