Discrete-Cosine/Sine-Transform Based Motion Estimation

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Discrete-Cosine/Sine-Transform Based Motion Estimation
A new motion estimation scheme, Discrete-Cosine/SineTransform Based Motion Estimation (DXT-ME) utilizing the principle of orthogonality of cosine and sine functions to estimate, in the transform domain, displacements from the motion information contained in the pseudo-phases of the images of moving objects, is proposed. The computational complexity of this method is only O ( N 2 )+Odct for an image of size N x N in comparison to O(N4),the complexity of full search block matching approach, where Odct is the complexity of DCT/DST coding. Furthermore, incorporation of DXTME with DCT-based video standards achieves further savings of computations and makes symmetric codecs feasible. Unlike pel-recursive algorithm, this scheme is not susceptible to noise. For complicated scenery or large moving objects, simple preprocessing is performed on images to extract the features of moving objects before applying DXT-ME. Simulation on some video sequences is presented to compare this scheme with the ...
Ut-Va Koc, K. J. Ray Liu
Added 29 Oct 2009
Updated 29 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 1994
Where ICIP
Authors Ut-Va Koc, K. J. Ray Liu
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