Discriminative probabilistic models for passage based retrieval

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Discriminative probabilistic models for passage based retrieval
The approach of using passage-level evidence for document retrieval has shown mixed results when it is applied to a variety of test beds with different characteristics. One main reason of the inconsistent performance is that there exists no unified framework to model the evidence of individual passages within a document. This paper proposes two probabilistic models to formally model the evidence of a set of top ranked passages in a document. The first probabilistic model follows the retrieval criterion that a document is relevant if any passage in the document is relevant, and models each passage independently. The second probabilistic model goes a step further and incorporates the similarity correlations among the passages. Both models are trained in a discriminative manner. Furthermore, we present a combination approach to combine the ranked lists of document retrieval and passage-based retrieval. An extensive set of experiments have been conducted on four different TREC test beds t...
Mengqiu Wang, Luo Si
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Mengqiu Wang, Luo Si
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