Disentangling Chat with Local Coherence Models

8 years 3 months ago
Disentangling Chat with Local Coherence Models
‡e ev—lu—te sever—l popul—r models of lo™—l dis™ourse ™oheren™e for dom—in —nd t—sk genE er—lity ˜y —pplying them to ™h—t disent—ngleE mentF …sing experiments on syntheti™ multiE p—rty ™onvers—tionsD we show th—t most modE els tr—nsfer well from text to di—logueF goE heren™e models improve results over—ll when good p—rses —nd topi™ models —re —v—il—˜leD —nd on — ™onstr—ined t—sk for re—l ™h—t d—t—F yne property of — wellEwritten do™ument is ™oE heren™eD the w—y e—™h senten™e ¢ts into its ™ontext– senten™es should ˜e interpret—˜le in light of wh—t h—s ™ome ˜eforeD —nd in turn m—ke it possi˜le to interE pret wh—t ™omes —fterF wodels of ™oheren™e h—ve prim—rily ˜een used for textE˜—sed gener—tion t—sksX ordering units of text for multido™ument summ—riz—E tion or inserting new text into —n existing —rti™leF sn gener—lD the ™orpor— used ™onsist of inform—tive writingD —nd the t—sks used for ev—lu...
Micha Elsner, Eugene Charniak
Added 23 Aug 2011
Updated 23 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where ACL
Authors Micha Elsner, Eugene Charniak
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