Disruption-tolerant content-aware video streaming

9 years 5 months ago
Disruption-tolerant content-aware video streaming
Communication between a pair of nodes in the network may get disrupted due to failures of links/nodes resulting in zero effective bandwidth between them during the recovery period. It has been observed that such disruptions are not too uncommon and may last from tens of seconds to minutes. Even an occasional such disruption can drastically degrade the viewing experience of a participant in a video streaming session particularly when a sequence of frames central to the story are lost during the disruption. The conventional approach of prefetching video frames and patching lost ones with retransmissions is not always viable when disruptions are localized and experienced only by a few among many receivers. Error spreading approaches that distribute the losses across the video work well only when the disruptions are quite short. As a better alternative, we propose a disruption-tolerant content-aware video streaming approach that combines the techniques of content summarization and error ...
Tiecheng Liu, Srihari Nelakuditi
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where MM
Authors Tiecheng Liu, Srihari Nelakuditi
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