Dissemination of Dynamic Data: Semantics, Algorithms, and Performance

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Dissemination of Dynamic Data: Semantics, Algorithms, and Performance
Abstract The Internet and the Web are increasingly used to disseminate fast changing data such as sensor data, traffic and weather information, stock prices, sports scores, and even health monitoring information. These data items are highly dynamic, i.e., the data changes continuously and rapidly, streamed in real-time, i.e., new data can be viewed as being appended to the old or historical data, and aperiodic, i.e., the time between the updates and the value of the updates are not known a priori. Increasingly, users are interested in monitoring such data for online decision making. To provide users with dynamic, interactive, and personalized experiences, websites are relying on dynamic content generation applications, which build Web pages on the fly based on the run-time state of the website and the user session on the site. These applications make use of database backends. But, these benefits come at a cost, each request for a dynamic page requires computation as well as communicati...
Krithi Ramamritham
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Year 2006
Authors Krithi Ramamritham
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