Distinctiveness in multimodal behaviors

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Distinctiveness in multimodal behaviors
While talking, people may move heavily their arms around, remain expressionless, or even display subtle facial movements... These differences may arise from personality, cultural, social factors and many more. In the present work, we are interested in defining a schema that characterizes distinctiveness in behaviors. Distinctiveness encompasses behaviors differences regarding (i) shape (which signals are performed) and (ii) quality (expressivity of movement, the way in which movements are performed). Thus, we aim to define embodied conversational agents (ECAs) that, given their communicative intention and behaviors tendencies definition, present distinctive behaviors. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.3.8 [Computer Graphics]: Applications; I.6.5 [Simulation and Modeling]: Model Development; J.4 [Computer Applications]: Social and behavioral sciences General Terms Algorithms, Human Factors Keywords ECAs, distinctiveness, multimodal behavior
Maurizio Mancini, Catherine Pelachaud
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ATAL
Authors Maurizio Mancini, Catherine Pelachaud
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