Distinguishing Data Transience from False Injection in Sensor Networks

11 years 6 months ago
Distinguishing Data Transience from False Injection in Sensor Networks
— Wireless sensor networks are increasingly being employed for potentially hazardous and critical applications such as monitoring the gas concentration levels in a battle field. In such sensitive applications, it is vital to monitor closely the transient phenomenon and take requisite preventive and corrective actions, if necessary. In such scenarios, due to the presence of adversaries who intend to disrupt the functioning of the system, it becomes imperative to shield our system from false data injection attacks. We propose a novel secure statistical scheme, called SSTF to effectively monitor the transient phenomenon while being immune to false data injection attacks. For achieving our goals, we require the sensors to do a lightweight computation and report a simple statistical digest in addition to the current sensed reading. SSTF is a two-tier system consisting of a statistical inter-sensor testing framework, which is the kernel of our scheme, employed atop an enhanced version of ...
Vinod Shukla, Daji Qiao
Added 04 Jun 2010
Updated 04 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Vinod Shukla, Daji Qiao
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