Distortion Analyses for Temporal Scalability Coding Techniques

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Distortion Analyses for Temporal Scalability Coding Techniques
A temporally scalable video coding algorithm allows extraction of video of multiple frame rates from a single coded stream. This paper compares the rate-distortion performance of three temporally scalable coding techniques: temporal subband coding (TSB), motion-compensated temporal subband coding (MC-TSB), and motion compensated prediction (MCP). The distortions are derived in terms of various temporal pixel correlations and the probability of occlusion. Measured values are used to predict performances at full- and lower-frame-rates, and a comparison with experimental quantitative performances demonstrates that the performance ranking is correctly predicted and bounds the accuracy of the analyses at high rates. MCP and MC-TSB always outperform TSB. For high bit rate full-frame-rate video, MCP and MC-TSB perform equivalently. At lower frame rates, MCP provides better performance.
Sheila S. Hemami
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ICIP
Authors Sheila S. Hemami
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