Distributed algorithm and reversible network

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Distributed algorithm and reversible network
Motivated to design a feasible optical network architecture for the future Internet, we address the question of scheduling (wavelength assignment) in an optical network. The key challenge in designing a scheduling algorithm lies in solving a combinatorial optimization problem under very stringent distributed constraints. Specifically, given R random variables x1, . . . , xR taking integer values, each variable is required to find its assignment so that collectively they maximize P r Wrxr subject to some linear constraints that Ax ≤ C. In doing so, each variable can only avail of two pieces of information (and nothing else): one, its own weight Wr, two, given its current values (and the values of other variables being unknown), can it increase it by +1 or not. As the main result of this paper, we present a randomized algorithm that solves this problem. Our algorithm builds upon classical theory of reversible networks. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first such algorithm f...
Shreevatsa Rajagopalan, Devavrat Shah
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CISS
Authors Shreevatsa Rajagopalan, Devavrat Shah
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