Distributed Cooperative Web Servers

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Distributed Cooperative Web Servers
Traditional techniques for a distributed web server design rely on manipulation of central resources, such as routers or DNS services, to distribute requests designated for a single IP address to multiple web servers. The goal of the distributed cooperative Web server (DCWS) system development is to explore application-level techniques for distributing web content. We achieve this by dynamically manipulating the hyperlinks stored within the web documents themselves. The DCWS system effectively eliminates the bottleneck of centralized resources, while balancing the load among distributed web servers. DCWS servers may be located in different networks, or even different continents and still balance load effectively. DCWS system design is fully compatible with existing HTTP protocol semantics and existing web client software products.
Scott M. Baker, Bongki Moon
Added 22 Dec 2010
Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CN
Authors Scott M. Baker, Bongki Moon
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