Distributed display environments

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Distributed display environments
Augmented reality makes it possible to visualize information directly within the context of the real world by overlaying virtual graphics. We use the term view management to refer to controlling what users see in 3D interfaces by computing the 2D projections of objects on the view plane and taking into account visibility relationships. We apply view management to distributed augmented reality environments in which multiple collaborating users each use a head-worn display. Because our system is aware of desktop, wallmounted, and handheld displays in the environment, it can show information on, around, and about these displays. To manage the complexity of these rapidly changing environments, we have developed rules for an interactive distributed rule-based system to explore how information can be assigned to and laid out on each individual's head-worn display and other displays in the environment. Author Keywords View management, augmented reality, distributed display environments,...
Dugald Ralph Hutchings, John T. Stasko, Mary Czerw
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CHI
Authors Dugald Ralph Hutchings, John T. Stasko, Mary Czerwinski
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