Distributed Link Scheduling for TDMA Mesh Networks

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Distributed Link Scheduling for TDMA Mesh Networks
— We present a distributed scheduling algorithm for provisioning of guaranteed link bandwidths in ad hoc mesh networks. The guaranteed link bandwidths are necessary to provide deterministic end-to-end bandwidth guarantees. Using Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), links are assigned slots in each frame and during each slot a number of non-conflicting links can transmit simultaneously. The bandwidth of each link is given by the number of slots assigned to it the frame and the modulation used in the slots. Our scheduling algorithm has two parts. The first part of the algorithm is an iterative procedure that finds locally feasible schedules by exchanging link scheduling information between nodes. The iterative procedure is based on the distributed Bellman-Ford algorithm running on the conflict graph, whose partial view is available at every node. The second part of the algorithm is a wave based termination procedure used to detect when all nodes are locally scheduled and a new sch...
Petar Djukic, Shahrokh Valaee
Added 02 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICC
Authors Petar Djukic, Shahrokh Valaee
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