A distributed multimedia toolbox

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A distributed multimedia toolbox
Emphasis of our research lies on the application of realtime multimedia technology: tele-teaching. teleconferencing arid collaborative work. To support this research we need a real-time environnient that supports rapid prototyping of distributed multimedia applicutions. Because other sxstems were not suited for our purpose, or did not fir the underlying framework of operating system and nehvork, we decided to build our own environment, rather then using an available one and changing and estending it. The resulting toolkit has thefollowing features: Network transparent niiiltiniedia services, 0 We found these features adequate for specibing, modeling and implementing distributed multimedia applications as is illustrated in the paper. Temporal access commands for continuous media, Quaky of service management for all services, Low level inter media and spatial synchronization, Dynamic management of application topology.
Hans Scholten, Pierre G. Jansen
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Hans Scholten, Pierre G. Jansen
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