Distributed Sparse Spatial Selection Indexes

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Distributed Sparse Spatial Selection Indexes
Searching for similar objects in metric-space databases can be efficiently solved by using index data structures. A number of alternative sequential indexes have been proposed in the literature. This paper proposes the parallelization of a recent pivot-based index data structure which can efficiently accommodate on-line updates and reduces the number of object-to-object comparisons during searches. We assume a large collection of objects evenly distributed on the secondary memory of a set of processors and consider the parallel processing of a constant stream of queries as in the case of search engines. We present algorithms for index construction and query processing. Applications of metric-space indexes are in multimedia databases and text databases in cases such as detection of similar documents.
Veronica Gil Costa, Mauricio Marín
Added 01 Jun 2010
Updated 01 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where PDP
Authors Veronica Gil Costa, Mauricio Marín
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