Distributed User Modeling for Situated Interaction

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Distributed User Modeling for Situated Interaction
: A distributed service to model and control contextual information in mobile and ubiquitous computing environments is presented in this paper. We introduce the general user model ontology GUMO for the uniform interpretation of distributed situational information in intelligent semantic web enriched environments. We show the relation to the user model markup language USERML, that is used to exchange partial models between different adaptive applications. Our modeling and retrieval approach bases on semantic web technology and conflict resolution concepts. 1 Motivation Systems that adapt to their users need to represent and use information about them. Increasing mobility and ubiquity of interactive systems make context-aware, situation-adaptive and especially user-adaptive computing more important. One challenge is to let different systems communicate about their user models. This challenge has been motivated by the expected result that permanent evaluation of user behavior with differ...
Dominik Heckmann
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Dominik Heckmann
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