Diversity and Multiplexing in Cooperative Wireless Cellular Networks

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Diversity and Multiplexing in Cooperative Wireless Cellular Networks
Abstract— In wireless cellular systems, capacity can be increased if both in-cell and out-of-cell cochannel interference (CCI) is properly handled. Moreover, spatial multiplexing has been proved to be much effective in multiuser MIMO systems. In [1], the authors propose a cross-layer approach to opportunistic interference management and spatial multiplexing, by using a random beamforming strategy and a smart scheduler assuming a certain degree of cooperation between transmitters. In this paper, we recall the resource allocation algorithm, we derive the PDF and CDF of the SINR of a simplified cooperative multiuser MIMO system and we discuss some numerical results. In particular, we examine the tradeoff between spatial diversity and multiplexing as a function of the out-of-cell CCI level. Numerical results show that, for high out-of-cell interference,a larger throughput is achieved if at most one user is scheduled at a time in each cell. Otherwise, spatial multiplexing must be used to...
Diego Piazza, Guido Tartara
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Year 2007
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Authors Diego Piazza, Guido Tartara
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