DLFM: A Transactional Resource Manager

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DLFM: A Transactional Resource Manager
The DataLinks technology developed at IBM Almaden Research Center and now available in DB2 UDB 5.2 introduces a new data type called DATALINK for a database to reference and manage files stored external to the database. An external file is put under a database control by “linking” the file to the database. Control to a file can also be removed by “unlinking” it. The technology provides transactional semantics with respect to linking or unlinking the file when DATALINK value is stored or updated. Further more, it provides the following set of properties: (1) managing access control to linked files, (2) enforcing referential integrity, such as referenced file cannot be deleted or renamed as long as it is referenced from the RDBMS, and (3) providing coordinated backup and recovery of RDBMS data with the file data. DataLinks File Manager (DLFM) is a key component of the DataLinks technology. DLFM is a sophisticated SQL application with a set of daemon processes residing at a file ...
Hui-I Hsiao, Inderpal Narang
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Updated 01 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Hui-I Hsiao, Inderpal Narang
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