Do Software Engineers Like Multimedia?

10 years 8 months ago
Do Software Engineers Like Multimedia?
Multimedia is not a dream anymore. Nowadays we use images (e.g., GIF, JPEG, and BMP), videos (e.g., MPEG, AVI, and QuickTime), and sounds (e.g., MIDI and WAV) as well as alphanumerical information even on a personal computer. People whose research topics relate to computer network, operating system, real-time computing, user interface/HCI, or consumer products have been very active in developing multimedia tools/systems/products, including high speed network, ATM, video servers, streaming video, push technology, computer games, CDROM titles, and so on. But how about software engineers? It seems that they are not interested in multimedia. Why? Is software engineering independent from multimedia? I should say no. In this paper, we present a personal view about this point and related topics which includes multimedia software engineering.
Masahito Hirakawa
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Year 1999
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