Domain-Dependent View of Multiple Robots Path Planning

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Domain-Dependent View of Multiple Robots Path Planning
We study a problem of path planning for a group of robots in this paper. The problem is stated as a finding of spatial-temporal paths through which the robots can go from their initial locations to the given goal locations in a certain environment. The robots must subordinate to a variety of physical constraints. The most important constraints from our point of view are that the robots must avoid obstacles and they must avoid each other. Both of these two constraints can be captured by a model where the environment is modeled as an undirected graph. Vertices of this graph represent possible locations for the robots and edges represent possible transitions between locations. The robots are located in the vertices of the graph. Each vertex can be occupied by at most one robot. A robot can move to the neighboring unoccupied vertex. The main result of the paper is the description of a class of the problem for which a polynomial time solving algorithm exists. We also present an experimental...
Pavel Surynek
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Year 2008
Authors Pavel Surynek
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