Domain-independent entity coreference in RDF graphs

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Domain-independent entity coreference in RDF graphs
In this paper, we present a novel entity coreference algorithm for Semantic Web instances. The key issues include how to locate context information and how to utilize the context appropriately. To collect context information, we select a neighborhood (consisting of triples) of each instance from the RDF graph. To determine the similarity between two instances, our algorithm computes the similarity between comparable property values in the neighborhood graphs. The similarity of distinct URIs and blank nodes is computed by comparing their outgoing links. To provide the best possible domain-independent matches, we examine an appropriate way to compute the discriminability of triples. To reduce the impact of distant nodes, we explore a distance-based discounting approach. We evaluated our algorithm using different instance categories in two datasets. Our experiments show that the best results are achieved by including both our triple discrimination and discounting approaches. Categories ...
Dezhao Song, Jeff Heflin
Added 24 Jan 2011
Updated 24 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where CIKM
Authors Dezhao Song, Jeff Heflin
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