Dominant Sets and Pairwise Clustering

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Dominant Sets and Pairwise Clustering
—We develop a new graph-theoretic approach for pairwise data clustering which is motivated by the analogies between the intuitive concept of a cluster and that of a dominant set of vertices, a notion introduced here which generalizes that of a maximal complete subgraph to edge-weighted graphs. We establish a correspondence between dominant sets and the extrema of a quadratic form over the standard simplex, thereby allowing the use of straightforward and easily implementable continuous optimization techniques from evolutionary game theory. Numerical examples on various point-set and image segmentation problems confirm the potential of the proposed approach.
Massimiliano Pavan, Marcello Pelillo
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Updated 27 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Where PAMI
Authors Massimiliano Pavan, Marcello Pelillo
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